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Anonymous asked:
I have been seeing a lot of posts recently stating at Grace's videos are lacking and are no where near as good as her old ones, what's you thoughts?



I think the content Grace is producing is amazing. I love the podcast and podcast videos, her Wednesday videos always make me laugh, and I always look forward to fridiary. I think cutting down to 3 days did her wonders.
The Wednesday videos may not always be as on point as they have been in the past but they are still damn entertaining and I love them, even if I didn’t who am I to complain it’s free content and it’s not gonna always be perfect (although 9/10 it is). Grace seems happy and at the end of the day that makes me happy so I’m not going to slate her for doing an amazing job and promoting the stuff that she is God damn proud of creating.


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I think the day ItsGrace overtakes the number of subscribers that dailygrace has, this fandom should have one big massive virtual party

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