This makes me smile. (x)
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"You can take the girl out of HeyUSA but you can’t take the HeyUSA out of the girl." — Mamrie Hart (via gracespopsicle)
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Okay, so I have a spare copy of TRXYE to give away! It’s not signed, because my laptop hates me and has blocked Troye’s website, but it’s still the most beautiful thing ever.  I’ll send it anywhere. And I’ll probably send you a love letter as well. Because I’m a nice fucking person.
If you want this CD, just click the big ol’ Reblog button. Once you’ve reblogged, feel free to like it as many times as you want. Follows are not necessary, because I don’t want to subject anyone to the pain that is my tumblr.
Entries will close September six, (that gives it two weeks) I’ll pick a winner at random via a number generator.
If this flops I’ll laugh rly hard k bye
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person: i wanna start watching orphan black is it good



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Grace Helbig is seriously one of the hardest working, multi-talented, and funniest entertainers out there.

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Slow clap for whoever gave Mames dat fart gun 



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